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Site-holder testimonial – Shirley Reid

April 27, 2017 / admin siteholder 5 with various vintage items

One of the main reasons Shirley Reid loves being at The Pickers Market is quite obvious when you get to know her.

“I can go shopping every day!” she says with glee.

Shirley has a large site at The Pickers and needs to keep it stocked with a wide range of China, coloured glass, jewellery, cups, saucers and plates, crystal and teddy bears. So she spends a lot of time scouring op shops and garage sales, travelling as far as Maryborough, Ballarat and Horsham to find items.

Shirley says she started her Pickers Market site because she needed to declutter her home – after many years of collecting, she had loads of things that needed to be “rehomed”.

“I was looking for alternatives to leaving my children with a diabolical problem – the hundreds of items in my collections!” she says.


Second hand and retro goods“While I was working out how to downsize, an ad went in the paper calling for site holders at The Pickers Market. I answered the ad and was taken on as one of the earliest stall holders. I’ve since expanded to two sites so it’s gone really well.”

Shirley says her Pickers Market site is something she can do in retirement – it gives her a great social outlet and some handy extra income.

But she also learns a lot and finds it really worthwhile being able to impart her own knowledge about collectables to other people.

“I really love every aspect of this business – the people who run it, the way it’s run and the people who come in as customers,” she says.