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Site-holder testimonial – Lorraine Millikin

April 27, 2017 / admin

Lorraine Millikin can fit her car in the garage now but she still has a long way to go to emptying the entire four-car space. Good thing she has a site at The Pickers Market!

Lorraine is an auction-lover and picker from way back and her garage is full of items she has collected over nearly 40 years. She now sells items including pre-loved restored furniture, China, rustic gardenalia, jewellery and clothing on Site 8.

Lorraine, whose husband Laurie also helps out, says she started her stall not long after The Pickers Market opened in 2013.

“I started the stall with the aim of making room for the car in the garage and three years later, the car is in and we’re still here!”

Lorraine says she loves having her stall at The Pickers because it gives her extra income but that’s not all – she also loves meeting the many interesting people who come through the doors during her site-holder shifts.


vintage items“We love the interaction we get working here, with the customers and with the staff. I love learning new things from the customers who come in, telling me about their hobby or collection.

“And I still love picking – I still go to garage sales and I’ve always loved auctions.


They’re still heart starters for me … it’s in your blood I think!”

“Our site is being loved and cared for by staff all the time, and we’re selling off that site seven days a week with very little input from us. It’s a great investment for us.”