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Huge antique Wool Bale Basket

August 19, 2015 / admin
Antique Bale Basket in light
Antique Bale Basket with Hessian bageAntique Bale Basket with collectablesHuge Antique Bale Basket w ith Peter inside
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Product Description

This is a very rare antique wool bale basket. A recent barn find, and well over 100 years old! This piece of history would make a great centre piece for a shop front, a winery, or deserving living room.

These huge baskets were used to designate a unit of bale, a standard size and weighted pack of wool for hundreds of years. Its so big you can fit inside it!

Transportation is an option of course , however you would need to organise freight depending on the destination.


Dimensions 180 × 148 × 88 cm